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Wednesday Lunch ‘Club’

Join us every Wednesday lunchtime for a bite to eat, a refreshing drink, and some fabulous, friendly company.  Hope to see you there!

Change to Opening Hours

From Monday 7th November, the club opening hours will be changing, new hours are shown below and at the bottom of the page.

This has been a difficult decision, but the Committee are trying to reduce costs, maximise revenue and upset the least amount of people in the process. A difficult balancing act, but one that is required to help ensure the club will still be here this time next year!

Lunch will be available on Wednesdays, at all other times we have pies and pasties for you to enjoy with your drinks.

These changes are directly to try and improve our current financial situation, and whether we resort back to previous opening hours will be considered as (hopefully) things get a bit less crazy.


Bingo is back and will run every Thursday from 20th May 2021. Eyes down at around 8pm

Very fun, very amusing and the possibility of winning big (OK, that bit’s a lie :))

Grab your friends (up to 5), family, or come on your own – we’d love to see you.

Eyes down, look in, get those dibbers ready and we’ll see you on Thursday!

Great to be back

Nice to see so many of you hardy souls this weekend – huddling under the marquees on Friday night to escape the rain, enjoying the sun when it arrived at other times – it was a slightly bizarre, but very lovely thing.

Funny old times, but great to be back ?

Massive thanks and appreciation to our lovely staff – Cliff, Sandra, Shannon, Julie, Tracy & Luke – you all did a great job in unusual circumstances ??

Closed now until Friday – get dancing for the sunshine ☀️!!

Your Club today – COVID update

The Bridge Memorial Club closed as required by the Government on March 20th 2020 and remained closed until the permitted reopening date of 4th July 2020, albeit with reduced opening hours. Our hours are still not back to how they were, but we are getting there.

Things within the club are a bit different.  In keeping with current guidance and the recent law changes:

  • On entering the club we are taking your contact details  (for test & trace) either by you scanning the NHS-Covid19 QR code using the official NHS app on your smart phone, or by signing in on our paper register.
  • Masks must be worn in the club unless you are sat down at a table to eat or drink. This includes entering or leaving the club, going to the toilets, playing the fruit machines or heading to the snooker room. Masks are available for a 50p donation to the benevolent fund. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please mention it to one of the bar staff.
  • We are operating table service only. Once you have been seated one of the staff will be over to take your order.
  • No table hopping / mingling between tables is allowed.
  • We have reduced the amount of seating available to ensure adequate social distancing
  • There are hand sanitising stations all over the place – please use them on entering the club, and after visiting the toilets.
  • “Sneeze screens” are in place on the bar, and our staff are wearing visors and / or masks.

Hopefully these measures will help you and our staff feel safe, and make sure we are all on the right side of the law, but they shouldn’t stop you enjoying the club that we all know and love.

Please do remember that many of these measures are now law, it’s not the staff’s fault – they don’t like it any more than you do – and the staff have to wear a face covering for the entire shift. Do not take your frustrations out on the staff members – if we all work together we will be just fine and be able to remain open and hopefully Covid free during these unusual times.

The Committee, Steward and staff are pleased to welcome you back, and hope that you support us by visiting soon.

Burger me!

From the Eastern delights of the Dragon Burger, to the Northern delights of Sandra’s dumplings – the Bridge food menu is making a return from Wednesday 2nd September!

Service times are different from before, but the food remains as delicious as ever.

There’s a few new items, and all of your old favourite – come down and sample our wares.

Monday 7 – 9 pm (Burgers only)

Wednesday 12 – 3pm

Thursday 12 – 3pm

Friday 4 – 7pm

Saturday 2 – 5pm

Sunday 12 – 3pm (Roast only, book in advance)

Entertainment is back!

Next Saturday – 5th September – sees the return of our regular music nights with the lovely, and very talented Emma, leading the way.

This is a trial – will enough people come along, will people adhere to the social distancing and other guidelines, will the neighbours get upset? All those things and more we will see – but we have our fingers crossed that it’s all amazing and we can crack on and get more acts booked for future weeks.

Please come and support your club and enjoy the entertainment!

The return of the Meat Raffle & new “Members Draw”….

With things the way they are, these two old favourites have been kept on the back burner while we figure out a) how we can make them “Covid secure” and b) whether we will have enough people entering to make them viable!

We are now happy with the way the club is operating and customers have been returning steadily as they see how much effort we are putting in to keeping everyone safe, that members are behaving in a responsible, respectful manner and that the club is still a lovely place to be, even though it’s not quite the same as it was pre-Covid.

This means that we will be restarting both the meat raffle and the Sunday draw from this week.

They will be slightly different from before – the meat raffle (first draw 9pm Friday 28th) will be for Reeves vouchers rather than actual meat, and the Member’s Sunday draw tickets will be sold all through the week (23rd onwards), drawn at 3pm Sunday (30th) and membership cards will be required to claim your prize!

As with all things at the moment, we are staying flexible and will be reviewing and revising how we do things as we go along. If you take part in any of our events, please do let us know what you think – good and bad – so we know if we’re getting it right and you like what we’re doing, or if we’re not quite hitting the spot and could do better. It’s your club – get involved and let us know!

Eyes down, look in – it’s Bingo at the club!

Last week saw the first of Cliff’s Thursday bingo nights. There was a teething problem or two, but it was declared a success and will be continuing weekly until further notice.

Come along and join the fun from 8pm!!!

A video tour

So things have been a bit…..different, since we reopened on July 4th. To start with, even though we couldn’t wait to see you all, we were nervous, we wanted to keep everyone safe and we weren’t sure how best to do it. Liberal application of “WARNING” tape and lots of shouty signs seemed like a good place to start, so that’s what we did!

However, that wasn’t very welcoming, and as the weeks have gone on we have seen what works (and doesn’t), listened to feedback from our customers, staff and committee, and hopefully we have the balance about right at the moment: a nice, spacious, airy club with plenty of room to socially distance, plenty of hand sanitiser, a few signs, screens at the bar to protect the staff and still scope for fun ?

Of course many things aren’t the same as they were – no standing at the bar, everyone must be sat down, etc etc, but as time goes on, hopefully restrictions will lifted and we can move back to normal.

Anyway, our lovely Treasurer made this video walk through which will hopefully show you that your club is still an amazing place to be, not scary at all, and entice you to pop in for a pint. Enjoy!

Snooker room now open!!

Good news snooker fans – the snooker room will be open for business from Wednesday 28th!!!

Tables 1 & 3 only, bring your own cues, bags of 50ps available for sale (£5 contactless), please maintain social distancing, sanitise the triangle, table and anything else that you may have touched after your game and before you start playing, plus of course use plenty of hand sanitiser (cleaning materials / hand gel will be available by the tables).

We are leaving this one to you guys – stay safe, enjoy your game – the tables have missed you ?