All of our deluxe burgers come in a fresh brioche burger bun with a filling of lettuce, burger relish, mayonnaise, tomato, onion, gherkinds, cucumber and of course, the burger patty and assorted accoutrements according to the burger chosen.  Accompanied by a healthy bucket of chips.

Standard burgers are for those who like things a little plainer with the burger in a bun – plain and simple – with a bucket of chips.

Add an extra burger patty for £1.50


Std D/lux
Quarter Pounder £5.50 £6.50
Cheese Quarter Pounder £5.95 £6.95
Cheese and Bacon Burger £6.75 £7.75
Chicken Burger £6.50 £7.50
Dragon Burger £8.95 £9.95
Hot Dog and Chips £4.50
Jalapeño Dog no Chips £3.75
Burger No Chips £3.95
Hot Dog No Chips £3.25
Cheesey Chips £3.50
Bucket of Chips £2.50