Back with a (slightly damp) Bang!

The club was closed for so long, and now we are open!

The Committee (after much discussion) decided to open from April 30th, outside and weekends only until 17th May when we will hopefully be allowed to move back indoors. This was seen as a good compromise between getting the club open and the members back, and preserving our dwindling bank balance.

With no other option than to be outdoors, bad weather means no takings (thank you Bank Holiday Monday!) – but the staff still need paying, and other overheads increase. It’s a risk, and having come this far – counting the pennies, worrying about whether we will make it through – we didn’t want to blow it for the sake of a couple more weeks.

Anyway, hopefully the weather will get better, the Covid figures will continue to improve, and our huddling under marquees in the rain in the club car park will be something we laugh about fondly in the future.

We have taken the first steps in the right direction. A step back to normality. Welcome back 🙂