With things the way they are, these two old favourites have been kept on the back burner while we figure out a) how we can make them “Covid secure” and b) whether we will have enough people entering to make them viable!

We are now happy with the way the club is operating and customers have been returning steadily as they see how much effort we are putting in to keeping everyone safe, that members are behaving in a responsible, respectful manner and that the club is still a lovely place to be, even though it’s not quite the same as it was pre-Covid.

This means that we will be restarting both the meat raffle and the Sunday draw from this week.

They will be slightly different from before – the meat raffle (first draw 9pm Friday 28th) will be for Reeves vouchers rather than actual meat, and the Member’s Sunday draw tickets will be sold all through the week (23rd onwards), drawn at 3pm Sunday (30th) and membership cards will be required to claim your prize!

As with all things at the moment, we are staying flexible and will be reviewing and revising how we do things as we go along. If you take part in any of our events, please do let us know what you think – good and bad – so we know if we’re getting it right and you like what we’re doing, or if we’re not quite hitting the spot and could do better. It’s your club – get involved and let us know! https://bridgememorialclub.co.uk/get-in-contact/