So things have been a bit…..different, since we reopened on July 4th. To start with, even though we couldn’t wait to see you all, we were nervous, we wanted to keep everyone safe and we weren’t sure how best to do it. Liberal application of “WARNING” tape and lots of shouty signs seemed like a good place to start, so that’s what we did!

However, that wasn’t very welcoming, and as the weeks have gone on we have seen what works (and doesn’t), listened to feedback from our customers, staff and committee, and hopefully we have the balance about right at the moment: a nice, spacious, airy club with plenty of room to socially distance, plenty of hand sanitiser, a few signs, screens at the bar to protect the staff and still scope for fun ?

Of course many things aren’t the same as they were – no standing at the bar, everyone must be sat down, etc etc, but as time goes on, hopefully restrictions will lifted and we can move back to normal.

Anyway, our lovely Treasurer made this video walk through which will hopefully show you that your club is still an amazing place to be, not scary at all, and entice you to pop in for a pint. Enjoy!